My story is about being a grandmother in the twenty-first century—my delights along with my challenges. I trace a through line from my grandson’s second-grade self to the present through my grandmother lens.

Recent publication preview my work in progress.

A Grandmother’s Tale
Literary Mama Journal – Just nominated for Pushcart

Life Lesson
Grand Dame Literary Journal — Flash Memoir Contest Winner

More Than Human
Halfway Down the Stairs — Anniversary Issue

Creative Nonfiction — Power of Play Issue


What about writing in the middle phase of my life, that hefty chunk between thirty something and retirement?

Several decades ago, I arrived in New York City as a modern dancer after college, honed my skills and performed with several groups. Life circumstances changed my course. I became a widow with a two-year-old son in my care. The door to a dance career closed …

But another opened! Bank Street College and its creative ways of teaching young children beckoned. I entered that world and never looked back.

Luckily, it was followed by an offer to complete a doctorate in education at New York University, entirely funded by the Federal Government. Wow. An offer I couldn’t refuse. Ultimately it led me to a position in the Department of Education at Queens College, CUNY.

Teaching teachers turned out to be a more satisfying and creative career than I’d ever imagined. Language education became my specialty, and I made my own contributions to the field with many articles and two books.

Through Children's Eyes by Linda GibsonLiteracy Learning in the Early Years:
Through Children’s Eyes.
New York, NY.
Teachers College Press.

Word Play and Language
Learning for Children.
Urbana, IL.
Nat. Council of Teachers of English.


2020 Resolutions: I will polish the manuscript, write the proposal and begin the query process.

Wish me luck.