Linda Stallman Gibson


My Story (quickly)

Connecticut-based writer. Heading into yet another round of who I am. My middle-of-life years—mother, wife, professor—all used up, a good chunk of time gone.  There’s more. Lots more. Who knew?


My later years brought new possibilities, more parts of me to explore, among them writing full time. Did you get that? FULL TIME. What a luxury. Worth the wait? (We can discuss that another time.) I have four pieces in press or out within the last year. I am so pleased and excited. (See “Writing”)


Telling my stories bit by bit, podcast by podcast. With so much behind me, I have lots to share in front of me. Look for the launch of my “Storytelling” tab and listen as I post my life tales, monthly beginning January 2020.  (See “Storytelling” in the works)


Me? A grandmother? Never crossed my mind.  Only a blip on my senior agenda. That blip ballooned into a massive magnet. Like falling in love all over again. Grandkid life and energy made me feel young and vulnerable once more with all the hopes and fears, about how best to protect the youngest of my progeny in terrifying times.  (See “Blog”)