Word Play and Language Learning for Children by Linda Gibson

Through Children's Eyes by Linda Gibson


Linda Stallman Gibson has completed 25 years as a professor of education at Queens College CUNY, prefaced by a decade of teaching/consulting in preschool and primary age school settings.

Many articles in half a dozen prominent education journals culminated in the publication of two well-received books on language development. The first, Word Play and Language Learning for Children, based on her doctoral research, was published by the National Council for Teachers, and praised for its contribution to language arts curricula for elementary age students.

The second book, Literacy Learning in the Early Years: Through Children’s Eyes, published by Teacher’s College Press, received a positive review in the New York Times. A dedicated kid-watcher, Linda’s education experiences infiltrate her memoir (in full draft) providing perspective on the growth of her grandson, Matthew, and cutting through sentimentality with honest appraisals of his delight in chaos and anarchic beliefs along with her tendency to overreact.

Mid-career at Queens College, Linda was awarded a fellowship as visiting researcher in the Anthropology Department at Yale. Immersed in cross-cultural perspectives on child growth, she became skilled in recording and analyzing informal conversation. This proved invaluable for her memoir project, allowing the unobtrusive collection of digital recordings of conversations, games, and adventures with Matthew. Memory fails us all when it comes to recalling the specifics of casual exchanges, the meaning embedded not just in what we say but as important, in how we say it, easily captured on electronic devices.


 Accepted as a fellow in the Writer’s Institute directed by Andre Aciman at the Graduate Center CUNY in 2011-12,  I had the opportunity to study with Mike Miller (editor, WSJ), Jennifer Schuessler (culture reporter, NYT), Klara Glowczewska (editor, Town & Country), and Patricia Towers (former editor, Oprah Magazine). Working with these professional writers proved informative about all phases of writing to publish for a trade audience. These mentors proved to be an excellent and enriching resource for me as I made the pivot from academic to trade publishing venues.

After the institute, my never ending desire to learn fully whetted, I completed my MFA, with a focus on creative nonfiction at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. The experience of studying the craft of writing rejuvenated my  sense of myself as an artist, my background as a modern dancer in New York City after college my first career. A lifetime of performing has always made speaking before large groups enjoyable. I have presented at National conferences (NCTE, IRA, NAEYC) across the country and in Berlin.

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Linda has spent equal parts of her life in York, Pennsylvania (place of birth), New York City (career building) and now on the Connecticut coast (life as a full time writer).