I thought I’d left behind my 25-year career at Queens College CUNY as literacy teacher and researcher and settled into a comfortable retirement. That changed the day my grandson announced he flunked the word identification test, a prerequisite for moving on to second grade. A multicultural child, he often felt out of sync with mainstream schooling. Though he eventually passed the test, he was tagged as a learner with a “developmental lag” in reading and a prime candidate for skill/drill activities typical of remedial programs. As a gran who spent over 35 years as an educator, I had another program in mind.

With this website, I reach out to the world of story listeners, tellers, and readers among parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents who are willing, able and eager collaborators with the beginner readers in their lives, the four-to eight-year-olds who are gifted storytellers. Together we can enlarge the ranks of families, especially the grandparents, who are fully engaged in supporting beginners at home so that they can be successful in school. There are 70 million grans in the USA and 70% of us spend time with our grandchildren every week. Imagine the impact we can have on our grandkids.